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2nd European Observatory on self-medication : the French spend less than €3 per month on self-medication

24For the second consecutive year, AFIPA has released the European Observatory on Self-Medication. The study, conducted by Celtipharm, sets out and compares the self-medication landscape in 8 European countries (France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom [EU 8]) on the basis of an assessment of a range of criteria and indicators.

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12th Afipa Barometer on selfcare products : An imbalanced and contrasted situation for products in the selfcare market

Reflecting AFIPA’s shift towards selfcare products (medicines, medical devices and self-medication food supplements)(1), AFIPA (the French Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry for Responsible Self-Medication) has for the first time published the 2013 figures for this market. Carried out by Celtipharm, the 12thBarometer shows an imbalance between self-medication drugs on the one hand and medical devices and food supplements on sale in pharmacies on the other.

Total sales of self-medication drugs, at retail price and including VAT, amounted to €2.123 billion in 2013, a 3% decline compared to 2012. In contrast, medical devices and food supplements experienced more favourable conditions, with an increase in sales of 4.3% and 6.2% respectively

(1)The selfcare products represented by Afipa are aimed at individuals who wish to play a role in their own health care or well-being, generally speaking with the advice of a health care professional. They include medicines for which a medical prescription is optional and which are not reimbursed, medical devices (for which a prescription is optional or unnecessary and which are not reimbursed) and food supplements (available without a prescription).

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